(VIDEO) Cammie’s Most Memorable Moments: Adding Center Store Division

August 28, 2023
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(VIDEO) Cammie’s Most Memorable Moments: Adding Center Store Division

Bay Food’s 30th anniversary celebrations continue! Here’s the fourth video in our five-part series featuring CEO, President and Founder Cammie Chatterton’s most memorable Bay Food moments. In this video, Cammie shares how the business expanded from selling just perishables to also become a Southeast center store broker.

Cammie explains:

  • How Bay Food launched the center store division in 2019
  • The role our VP of Sales, Gary Royal, has played in building this division
  • What it means for the company to be both a Southeast center store broker and perishable broker, covering all departments in the supermarket

Click the image to watch the video (1:15 long)

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Video Transcript

Bay Food Brokerage was always known as a perishable broker. Because that’s where I got my start at in the perishable side of the business.

Well, three years ago, we decided to develop a center store division. There’s a friend of mine who I just have always respected, Gary Royal. I reached out to him and talked to him about it. And we were blessed that he came on board and developed our center store division, which has just been a tremendous asset for us.

I couldn’t be more proud of the job that him and his team have done. It’s really taken us to that next level of being an all-encompassing food broker at retail level where we’re touching every department.

It’s something that I never thought three years ago that we would ever accomplish. Or at least as quickly as we did. And it by far is one of the most wonderful memories of the past few years that I have had, is just really that growth and seeing what we truly are capable of. 

Expanding as a Southeast Center Store Broker

Bay Food’s center store division works with food manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG). This includes non-perishable canned, boxed and bagged foods, shelf-stable beverages and personal items, like baby products.

In just a few short years, our Southeast center store broker division has grown to include manufacturers such as:

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