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Our Advantages

We are proud to be one of the food industry's top regional retail brokerages.

At Bay Food Brokerage, we combine old-fashioned hard work and personalized service with the latest cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking. This means our clients - and our retailer and distributor partners - experience both a satisfying working relationship as well as exceptional results when they work with us.

Merging the old and the new, Bay Food Brokerage brings the best of both worlds to retail food brokerage services in the Southeast.

Tillamook Dairy

They’re the prime example of what a regional broker can do and offer.
It’s been an incredibly wonderful journey.


Bay Food is a wonderful team of talented individuals that have great connections with key retailers. They provide great support at the corporate and store level.

Krinos Foods

Bay Food Brokerage is one of the best! They exceed my expectations at every turn. They know their customers inside and out and know how to execute!

Clemens Food Group

We’ve grown substantially with Bay Food’s help. I’d say in the last three years we have tripled our business at Publix.

Jennie-O Turkey Store

Outstanding retail support that produces excellent results in sales and marketing.
The representation is fantastic!”


It’s been a pleasure working with Gary Royal and his team. They are organized and do a great job understanding our business needs.

What Sets Us Apart

Decades of Experience

Established in 1993, Bay Food Brokerage is a long-time, proven leader in the Southeast U.S. We have a reputation for being among the food industry's top regional retail brokerages.

We have deep relationships with the major retailers in the region and know what retailers are looking for. The Bay Food team brings this knowledge to our clients during the research and development phase of new products. We also put it to use throughout the pitching and sales process.

Also, retailers respect and value our reputation and expertise. We typically get meetings quickly, and retailers come to us when they’re looking for certain products. This offers our manufacturer clients many beneficial insights and inroads into retailers in the Southeast.

Bay Food Brokerage office meeting photo

Best-In-Class Customer Service

Our highly responsive team is always available for clients and partners, getting them answers fast.

This is thanks, in part, to our investment in technology, which allows us to access information quickly. However, it’s mostly thanks to our unwavering commitment to be the best partner possible to our clients and retailers.

Responsiveness, transparency and sincerity are all traits valued by our team at Bay Food Brokerage. They're a few of the reasons we're considered one of the top regional retail brokerages in the food industry.

Bay Food Brokerage Customer Service person on phone and computer photo

Full-Time Retail Representatives

Many retail brokerages use part-time staff or day-laborers to execute their store-level sales and marketing services. But at Bay Food Brokerage, we have retail representatives that are full-time, salaried sales employees.

This means our retail reps are naturally more motivated to excel in their careers and are highly committed to our clients’ success. This consistency also means they have a regular presence at the stores they cover. This allows them to build and maintain productive relationships with store managers on behalf of our clients.

Bay Food Brokerage Retail Reps meeting photo

Industry-Leading Technology

We leverage technology and data to maximize efficiency and profits for clients – including RW3/Wiser, Syndicated Data and MCS.

RW3/Wiser enables our retail reps to visit stores more frequently and to provide clients with timely reports and updates. It also easily allows us to confirm distribution, answer survey questions, take real-time photos for clients and deliver reports.

SPINS is a third-party company that provides IRI data and analytics for our clients. This data offers insight into how clients’ products are performing compared to competitors, up-and-coming categories and more. This information is not only educational for our team. It also makes us a better partner when our clients are developing products and formulating sales strategies.

To lighten our clients’ administrative workload, we use Management Computer Systems (MCS). MCS helps increase efficiencies among our team so we can shoulder some of the administrative burden that otherwise would fall to our clients, such as filling out forms.

Bay Food Brokerage Technology computer worker photo

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