(VIDEO) Cammie’s Most Memorable Moments: Son Chris Joins the Company

August 1, 2023
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(VIDEO) Cammie’s Most Memorable Moments: Son Chris Joins the Company

Bay Food’s 30th anniversary festivities continue! Here’s the third video in our five-part series featuring CEO, President and Founder Cammie Chatterton’s most memorable Bay Food moments. In this video, Cammie explains how her son, Chris Chatterton, got into food brokerage services and the family business.

Cammie shares:

  • Her surprise when Chris said he wanted to join the family business
  • How Chris has helped expand the company’s food brokerage services
  • What it’s like for Cammie to work with her son

Click the image to watch the video (1:37 long) 

Video Transcript:

One of the most wonderful moments for me, personally and professionally, would be the day that Chris called me and said that he wanted to come in and talk to us about an idea that he had for Bay Food Brokerage.

When he went off to the University of Pennsylvania and went to the Wharton School of Business, it never crossed my mind that he would ever want to come into the family business. He was working for a boutique financial firm at the time. And he came in and started talking to us about wanting to bring us into, as he said, the new century. And to take us further out of our bearings and where we were at the time. Wanting to grow us into other states, into other departments, and really just elevating us completely as a company.

I wouldn’t have just hired him myself because I didn’t want people to think, well, he got the position because of me. So, I had other people in the company interview him, because I wanted everybody to buy in on it, and everyone agreed in the company that it was the right thing and the right fit.

And as a mother, I couldn’t be more proud and just honored that my son would want to spend his professional career with his mom.

And like any mother/son, we have our good days and our bad days. But overall, it’s just been the most wonderful experience. And I couldn’t imagine being here today without him by my side.

Expert Food Brokerage Services with a Family Feel

In 2011, Chris Chatterton joined the family business and in 2021 became a minority owner of the company. As Executive Vice President, he works closely with Cammie on key initiatives. He will carry Bay Food Brokerage on to continued success after Cammie retires in 2025.

Bay Food Brokerage has experienced year-over-year organic growth since it launched, thanks in part to staying true to the core values it was founded on: Client Satisfaction, Hard Work, Family and Giving Back. We treat our clients, retailers and each other like family, following the Golden Rule in all our interactions.

These beliefs have always – and will always – drive us daily and help us keep focus on our customers and our clients.

Looking for a family owned and operated food brokerage services business that combines personal service with real results? Contact us today to learn how we can help you.