Testimonial: Jennie-O Turkey Store

February 24, 2023
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Bay Food currently represents products in all departments of grocery stores throughout the Southeast. But, when we opened in 1993, we started as a Florida meat broker and deli broker. As we prepare to embark on our 30th year in business, we’re thrilled to feature our first and longest-tenured client, Jennie-O Turkey Store.

We also extend a sincere thank you to Scott Bragg, Senior Customer Executive at Jennie-O Turkey Store, for sharing his experience about our partnership in this blog post.

Bay Food’s History with Jennie-O Turkey Store

“Today, Jennie-O Turkey Store is one of the largest turkey companies in the world and the leader in ground turkey,” said Scott.

However, when Jerry Boerger at Jennie-O first hired Bay Food as its Florida meat broker in 1993, the company produced only a few products and had no distribution.

“Our pan roast product was the first product Bay Food got into Publix for us,” Scott said. “Over the years their team, acting as our Publix broker, has definitely helped make Publix one of our best accounts. From that one SKU, our distribution at Publix has grown substantially.”

Scott stepped into Jerry’s former role 21 years ago, and Jennie-O merged with Turkey Store over two decades ago. Bay Food has remained the company’s broker through decades of growth and change.

Leveraging Strengths and Overcoming Challenges

Bay Food President and CEO Cammie Chatterton with Jennie-O Turkey Store’s Scott Bragg

Considering his more than 20-year relationship with Bay Food, Scott said the brokerage team especially excels at communication at the headquarters level and execution at the retail level.

“They have long-standing, strong relationships with people at the retailers’ headquarters,” Scott said. “And, they’re best-in-class in terms of retail execution.”

Examples he gave related to retail execution excellence include the strong team of retail representatives who make regular store visits, and the technology and systems the reps use while in-store.

In addition, Scott recognized the value Bay Food has offered in recent years when Jennie-O – and the entire food industry – faced unprecedented times.

“These last three years, especially, have been extra-challenging for all manufacturers selling to grocery stores,” he said. “First, COVID and supply chain challenges, and now the bird flu. Bay Food has done a lot to help us navigate through all of these challenges with Publix.”

From Florida Meat Broker to a Leading Brokerage in the Southeast

Having started as a Florida meat broker and deli broker in 1993, Bay Food Brokerage has come a long way over the last 30 years. Jennie-O Turkey Store has played a major role in the history of our company.

“Jennie-O Turkey Store holds a very special place in my heart,” said Bay Food’s President and CEO Cammie Chatterton. “A few months into opening the business in 1993, we had yet to sign our first client. Then Jennie-O came on board. It gave us the will to continue and the momentum we needed.”

“The relationship has been long and they’ve done a lot to get us where we are today,” Scott said. “Bay Food has evolved over the years and so has Jennie-O, right alongside each other.”

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