RW3 provides technology and processes to help collect, organize, and interpret consumer data, and then use this data to help optimize sales and enhance productivity and efficiency. Bay Food Brokerage partnered with RW3 to provide a mobile retail solution using the iPad, which will improve availability of our clients’ products on store shelves. Currently, Bay Food Brokerage is the only brokerage in the nation utilizing the RW3 technology for its customers.


RW3 has developed mobile software tailored for especially for retail representatives giving our representatives the ability track on-shelf availability of our products in real time. This enables us to make business decisions based on what’s happening now and is rapidly increasing profitability for our manufacturers. Our partnership with Rw3 allows Bay Food Brokerage to stay abreast of current market trends that help increase profitability

Before today’s digital world, traditional sales force management was the main organizational source for representatives. Coupled with a paper system and no mobile access to emails and data transfer capabilities, it was extremely difficult to maintain the levels of efficiency that our manufacturers prefer. Bay Food Brokerage has always done extremely well serving each manufacturer and maintaining positive efficient communications but now with the use of iPad and other mobile devices we are able to exceed sales expectations, inventory management and have drastically improved merchandising. Instantaneous access to records also allows representatives the ability to educate store managers on competitors sales and activity to help increase our clients revenue.

The use of mobile technology and the RW3 module has also enabled our representatives to improve travel efficiencies and call on more retailers daily, delivering better performance and increased sales to our clients.


RW3 provides us with the tools to ensure we are meeting our in-store objectives. They have worked with consumer goods leaders including Kellogg’s, PespiCo, Energizer, and Nestle. With their knowledge and expertise we plan on this partnership leading to a smarter, faster, and more profitable future for each of the manufacturers that we represent.