The Bay Food Brokerage Way

Selling the product into the stores when there are voids

Checking inventory for Auto Replenishment Orders

Grand Opening Support

Fixing shelves | Date rotation | Ensure proper display

Additional displays
– especially during Ad’s

POS placement – trays, rail strips, danglers, etc.

Special retail projects

Alerting Store Managers when promotions and new items are coming

Manager Handouts

  • Leave behind sheets to all retail departments
  • Highlights, Item listing, Ad sheets to all retail departments
  • Highlight items that are out of stock / not activated
  • Survey flyers for additional sales
  • New item flyers to inform store Mgt and educate them on the new items

Consistent communication with the retail store helps ensure that all products are in the best location to allow for maximum retail growth.

Assist retail personnel in the development of product knowledge. This is essential in achieving and maintaining our manufacturers growth levels. New products require specialized handling.

We offers complete retail coverage with an action focus that guarantees the highest possible level stock distribution.

Brand blocking is also an essential tool with all items of distribution. These forms of communication enable the manufacturers that we represent to have constant knowledge of what’s happening with their products at store level.