Bay Food Brokerage was founded under the belief that a food brokerage firm that concentrated fully on the perishable side of the industry would succeed and do very well. In 1993, Cammie Chatterton and Mark Woolever saw that the food brokerage industry was severely changing. We felt that we could concentrate on the perishable retail market and would offer a difference between the broker-retailer-manufacturer relationship that was standard at the time in this competitive industry. Bay Food Brokerage has grown from a single focused idea from two people with a strong belief that we would succeed into a brokerage firm that expands 7 states with employees in all key areas of the South East region.

In 2015, Mark Woolever retired and Cammie Chatterton became the outright owner of Bay Food Brokerage. In the same year, we expanded outside the perishable market into the center store retail market.

Bay Food Brokerage has the same core values and beliefs that we were founded on: hard work, facing opportunities as a team and to be the best food brokerage in our market. These beliefs are what drives us daily and keeps our focus on our customers and our clients.

How We've Changed Through The Years

  • 2019 - Cammie Chatterton Wins 2019 Tampa BusinessWoman of the Year Award

  • 2019 - Added Additional Office Location in The Carolinas

  • 2019 - Headquarters Expansion - Added additional building to the Bay Food Brokerage campus

  • 2019 - Expansion of Grocery Division to include DSD Specialists

  • 2018 - 25th Anniversary

  • 2015 - Founding Center Store (CPG) Division

  • 2015 - Founding Partner, Mark Woolever Retirement

  • 2014 - Headquarters Expansion - Purchased Corporate Building

  • 2013 - 20th Anniversary

  • 2011 - Onboard of new Corporate Executives

  • 2011 - Became Publix preferred broker for Publix ISE program

  • 2009 - Expansion to more Southeastern Territories

  • 2006 - Headquarters Expansion & Employee Additions

  • 2000 - Headquarters Management Hired

  • 1996 - Expansion Implementation - Southeastern Region

  • 1995 - Approved Plans - Southeastern Expansion

Founded April 1, 1993