2022 - Business Observer Top Entrepreneur Honoree

Our President and CEO Cammie Chatterton was one of seven entrepreneurs recognized in the Business Observer’s annual Top Entrepreneurs issue in May 2022. She was selected out of nominations from nine Florida counties. Cammie was chosen as an honoree because of her perseverance over the course of 30 years of owning Bay Food Brokerage, her outstanding leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and the positive work environment she has created for her team.

2021 - Tampa Bay Business Journal Fast 50 Honoree

Bay Food Brokerage received the Tampa Bay Business Journal Fast 50 Award as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Tampa Bay area. Cammie Chatterton was asked to answer the following questions regarding her company and it’s staff:

Article content courtesy of Chris Erickson – Research Director, Tampa Bay Business Journal

How would you describe what your company does to a friend or family member who may not know?

Bay Food Brokerage is a sales agent connecting food manufacturers to supermarket retailers in our market. We provide services such as presenting new items the manufacturer produces, negotiating promotions for the retailer, supporting logistics to deliver products to the retailers’ warehouses and foster the relationships between the management of the retailers and the food manufacturers that we represent.

What was the most exciting thing to happen at or to your company last year?

Bay Food Brokerage was selected by the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Year for Tampa Bay in the up to 50 employee category. Our team was so honored to win this award and it was truly a team effort. We work each day to be the best that we can be as a team for our clients and our customers and this affirmed that work. I am so proud of the industry that we are in and how they stepped up to fill the food needs of the American consumer during the Covid pandemic. It was remarkable what we all accomplished.

As one of the fastest-growing companies in the area, what’s the secret to your growth?

I am often asked how we have become so successful in a very competitive industry. There is no one secret or answer to this question. I know it is overstated but there is no substitute for hard work. You have to be willing to work seven days a week and put in up to 16 hour days to be a success story. My golden rule that I stress to our Bay Food family is to treat each other, our clients and our customers the way we would want to be treated if we were them. I truly believe if we all faced our careers and our lives like this we could all be much more successful.

What is your No. 1 priority for the year ahead?

This year’s goal is to continue to grow in both employees and in sales. We also are working to come back mentally and emotionally from the hardest year we ever went through in my 35 years in this industry. We need to support each other in whatever way that person needs to be supported to get back to where we were in February 2020. Now that many of the Covid restrictions have been lifted we are starting to welcome back to our office clients and we look forward to continuing that process of being completely back by the end of this year.

2020 - Tampa Bay Chamber Small Business of the Year

21–50 Employees: Bay Food Brokerage

Bay Food Brokerage is a mid-size food brokerage firm that specializes in Perishable and Consumer Goods for Supermarkets. We serve the retailers in the Southeast by representing food manufacturers throughout the world. We are the direct contact for the manufacturer to the retailer and we support our clients, the food manufacturers, from the beginning of the selling process up until the product is on the shelf for the consumer.

Article courtesy of Tampa Bay Chamber – Press Release | SBOTY Winners

2019 - BusinessWoman of the Year Award

Cammie Chatterton, president of Bay Food Brokerage Inc. in Tampa, Florida, received a Tampa BusinessWoman of the Year award at a gala Sept. 13 at the Tampa Marriott Water Street.

Chatterton was chosen as one of 27 women in different fields to receive the award. The women were selected by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and were profiled in the publication. More than 300 women nominated from the seven counties that make up Tampa Bay before the 27 winners were chosen.

In 1992, Chatterton and Mark Woolever saw the brokerage industry shifting from the small independent food broker to the large national grocery food broker. They believed that their expertise and knowledge in the industry was the right combination to develop a focused approach to perishable and grocery sales and support. They founded their agency in 1993.

Chatterton now owns Bay Food Brokerage and has spearheaded its growth into a firm that does business in seven states, with employees located in key areas throughout the region. Just this year, the company expanded its Grocery Division to include direct store delivery (DSD) specialists.

In addition to her role at Bay Food Brokerage, Chatterton also is a board member of the Grocery Manufacturers’ Representatives (GMR) in Tampa. The Florida GMR has brought together the Florida CPG community for 65 years. Its mission is “to foster the interaction and development of grocery industry professionals.” To serve its 800-plus members, it holds retailer forums; raises money for scholarships aimed at students interested in a CPG career; and works to grow the industry and its members.

Florida GMR spokesperson Linda Dyer, director of marketing for Demo Sales in Lakeland, Florida, said of Chatterton being named Tampa BusinessWoman of the Year, “This is a huge accomplishment, earned and well deserved, and also brings great awareness to the CPG industry.”

Article courtesy of Lorrie Griffith – The Shelby Report