Bay Food Brokerage has focused on helping guide and direct manufacturers to achieve their goals for over 2 decades. Part of our continued success is attributed to the fact that we integrate state of the art methods along with our unique seasoned and personal approaches to aide manufacturers in maintaining and expanding their client bases.

Dedication and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. In order to achieve the levels of success that our manufacturer’s desire the Bay Food Brokerage Team has developed a 3 step approach to maintain our mutual success standards.

These 3 steps are a vital and intricate part of maintaining our knowledge of manufacturers needs:

1. The corporate head quarter call – Each representative maintains constant communication with our corporate headquarters to report customer activity, needs and means to help expand our customer’s business. Maintaining this form of contact at a corporate level enables the entire staff of Bay Food Brokerage to continually develop new ideas, strategies and plan for future growth of the manufacturers that we represent. This is the primary reason Bay Food Brokerage is able to fulfill the needs of every manufacturer while maintaining the highest levels of retailer satisfaction.

2. The retail sales call directly with store personnel – Bay Food Brokerage employs knowledgeable retail sales representatives specifically trained to work with store personnel to provide efficient, innovative product solutions that ensure higher profit margins for our manufacturers. The close working relationships that our representatives maintain with store personnel enables Bay Food Brokerage to remain a leader in the industry. Our representatives actually become a part of a retailers valuable team. Our retail relationships help create a great advantage in getting manufacturers products sold and delivered efficiently.

3. The administrative office support of each retail customer and manufacturer – Administrative offices play a vital role in the success of any business. Bay Food Brokerage takes the necessary steps to continually train every member of our administrative team so they may provide immediate support to each of our retail customers and manufacturers. From the initial telephone call to final product display we are confident that our abilities and customer service will promote the growth and success of the manufacturers that we represent.


To build manufacturer value by delivering CPG, perishable products and marketing solutions in innovative and cost effective ways. By being a performance leader, we achieve both operational excellence and industry-leading customer satisfaction.


Bay Food’s mission serves as the framework for our road map in describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. Our vision is to continue to focus on the long-term return for our clients while being mindful of our responsibilities.

Contributors to Our Success

Servicing 7 states in the Southeastern United States is only possible because of two very important elements:

Bay Food Advantage

Leadership • Strategy • Results

Retail Representatives

Distribution • Merchandising • Store Level Marketing